Accompanying Short Stories

These short novellas, while set in the Star Runner Universe, all happen before the events chronicled in Star Runner and give a glimpse into the lives that her crew lived before they all came together. Some of the stories tie directly into the main set of books.

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Flight of the Myserink

The trouble with being a cat-like Ok’neie isn’t the tail or the sharp hearing – it’s the curiosity. And for Tran Zheevock, his curiosity is about to get him into more trouble than he can possibly handle. After being blackmailed to transport some containers for a band of space-faring pirates, his curiosity quickly overrules his common sense. Opening them is just the start of Tran’s real troubles.

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The Phantom of Krashnoa Station

Danal Moccazhon has the perfect life – living in space with her parents, getting to travel from planet to planet. But Danal’s world comes crashing down when her ship is hijacked, its crew abducted and she’s left alone on a barely functioning spaceship. Worse still is the ship’s fate – to become a part of a vast spaceship graveyard. Now Danal needs to find a way to escape. Before she’s discovered.

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Smuggler’s Run

Space. It’s where Sfolan has lived his life. His father’s the captain of a tradeship. It’s what Sfolan’s destined for too. But an unexpected mutiny has left him stranded on an alien world. He’s alone, with no food, no money, no prospects – until he lands the one job that might make it possible for him to get back into space. It’s not like he really need to know what he’s delivering. Does he?

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Fractured Gem

“Sell the Gem and settle here on Kiantite Five.” It was the one sentence that Zheen never thought that her father would ever say. After nearly being destroyed by an ion storm and an encounter with an asteroid field, they’ve been grounded. Holas and Zheen are left with few options when they realise how long and how much money it will take to repair their beloved ship. Now the choice must be made.

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The Black Hole Mythdemeanour

“We are here today to remember the lives of three boys.” With those heart-wrenching words, Alana Perry knew that her best friend, Alexander Daniels, along with his two brothers were gone, lost inside a black hole. But when scraps of information begin coming to light, she begins to question everything until she’s left with only one possible hope – what if everyone’s wrong? This is Alana’s story of what life was like for those the Daniel’s boys left behind after they joined the crew of the Star Runner.

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Bubble Burst

A routine trade negotiation goes horribly wrong for the crew of the Star Runner. After a desperate chase, they find themselves in a strange blue sphere with no power, no gravity and no prospects of escape. Will it take abandoning their beloved ship in order to win them their lives? Before she gathered her motley crew, Star Runner had another crew. A crew that loved her just as much as Holas, Zheen, Pete and Ace do. This is their story.

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