Mark McDonough has lived his whole life in Queensland, Australia. After growing up in Ipswich, he lived for a short time in Brisbane while attending University. Work then took him to Far North Queensland for a number of years before he moved to his current home of Toowoomba.

For as long as Mark can remember, there have been characters clamouring to have their stories told – everything from the depths of time when dinosaurs ruled the Earth through to the vast reaches of space where only the bravest spaceships dare to fly and everywhere in between. Most were written in secret until, one day, those characters demanded that their tales be spread far and wide. Thus, was born Stargon Books.

Mark’s passion for storytelling has meant that he has always striven to improve his craft. Over the years, he’s completed both a Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing and a Certificate in Professional Editing and Proofreading. To hone his skills further, Mark has spent the last few years dabbling in FanFiction, primarily in the worlds of Harry Potter and Marvel, creating unique stories, situations and characters that have been loved by many.

At long last, Mark has returned to creating original stories. In fact, there are quite a number that are bouncing around inside his head awaiting their turn to venture out into the world. That doesn’t mean that he will be abandoning his FanFiction stories or fans, after all, those stories have become a huge part of not only him but his writing journey and it’s not something that he is willing to give up but will instead find a balance between the two – original and FanFiction.

When he’s not sitting with laptop or notebook in hand, he can be found at work, with his family (who also happen to be his biggest fans) or out on the football (soccer) field where he not only plays but also referees and Coordinates an entire competition.

Ultimately, Mark dreams of the day when he can write full time but until then, as he says, “I’m a wordsmith, it’s who I am; if I didn’t write, I wouldn’t be me”.

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