Stand Alones

This page is a place for those stories that are not (sometimes, yet) part of a series, instead being complete stories unto themselves.

To purchase any of the stories, simply click on the icon under the blurb to buy either as an eBook or as a print copy that you can hold in your hands.


Saint George and the Dinosaur

Dinosaurs lived millions of years ago. Saint George was the slayer of dragons. But a simple school project quickly proves these two facts aren’t quite right when Callum, Ben, Sue and Justine are pulled through time. There they find themselves on the menu before meeting the legendary Sir George. Now if they can find a way home, they know that they’re going to have the best project ever written.

ebook: $1.99           print book: $16.50


Radelae’s Scheme

Kai has always loved the forest. He knows every blade of grass, every tree, every animal and every danger. It’s been his home for longer than he can remember. Why, all of a sudden, there are people from the village invading, he has no idea. Nor why they keep wandering into the most dangerous parts – places that he has to rescue them from. If he had his way, he’d leave well enough alone. Now, if only Radelae would stop sending him on errands that take him deeper and deeper into the forest.

ebook: $2.49           print book: $15.00     


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