The Series

Together, these four books tell the tale of the space ship Star Runner, how her crew came together and their first adventures as they aimed to travel across the galaxy.

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Star Runner

Aliens don’t exist. Travelling around the galaxy using wormholes only happens in stories. They’re facts. In all the years that humans have travelled in space, they’ve never happened. But today’s facts are about to become yesterday’s stories for brothers Alexander, Pete and Nick Daniels when their spaceship is pulled into a black hole and lost. Now the question is, can they ever get back home?

ebook: $1.99           print book: $17.50


Little Red Men

Alex, Pete and Nick Daniels have dealt with being sucked through a wormhole, meeting their first aliens and getting an abandoned spaceship working again. They’ve made friends and enemies alike. But now their real adventure begins. Haunted space stations, dangerous space phenomena and more aliens than they could ever imagine are only some of the obstacles that threaten their journey home.

ebook: $2.99           print book: $17.50


Gravity Well

The crew of Star Runner have faced space battles, pirates, interstellar junkyards, black holes and The Bubble. But if they and their Mamoan allies are to reach human space, they must cross The Barrens – a vast unmapped region where stars are few and far between. No one knows what’s out there, the dangers they’re about to face. Will the resources of an entire fleet be enough for them to survive?

ebook: $2.99           print book: $17.50


Journey’s End ?

When Star Runner, along with her Mamoan allies, stopped to trade for supplies with the people of Jellican III, they never expected to end up helping in a planet-wide evacuation. Worse still was the sun exploding much earlier than anticipated, resulting in the combined Mamoan and Jellican space fleets being pulled inside a newly formed black hole. Now the crew of Star Runner has to race against time, not only to find out what happened to all of their new friends, but also to find a way to escape the Bubble once more.

ebook: $2.99           print book: $17.50

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