The Star Runner Series

The Star Runner Series is science fiction at its best. Aimed at those of late primary-school age but enjoyed by all ages, this series tells the tale of three human teens and their inadvertent first-contact with aliens. Filled with space battles, pirates, alien planets, spaceships and dangers that can only be found in space, the action never stops.

While best enjoyed as a whole, the series has been written in two sections – a set of 4 novels that combine to tell a single, interwoven story and a set of 6 novellas that focus on different members of the crew of the star ship Star Runner.


For a fuller summaries of all ten stories, click on the drop down menu or on the images of the two sets of books above.

As well as being available as individual stories, the two sets of the Star Runner Series can be purchased as a boxed set. Simply click on the icon under the blurb to buy either as an eBook or as a print copy that you can hold in your hands.

The Star Runner Omnibus Edition

Here in one convenient boxed set are the four books that tell the tale of the space ship Star Runner, how her crew came together and their first adventures as they aimed to travel across the galaxy.
1. Star Runner                   3. Gravity Well
2. Little Red Men               4. Journey’s End?

Buy all four books in the one volume for the price of three!

ebook: $7.95           print book: $52.50


Space Lanes

These short novellas, while set in the Star Runner Universe, all happen before the events chronicled in Star Runner and give a glimpse into the lives that her crew lived before they all came together. Some of the stories tie directly into the main set of books.
1. Fractured Gem                          4. The Phantom of Krashnoa Station
2. Flight of the Myserink                5. The Black Hole Mythdemeanour
3. Smuggler’s Run                         6. Bubble Burst

Buy all six books in the one volume for the price of four!

ebook: $4.99           print book: $50.00




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